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How to register, transfer money, buy airtime, and check your account using the Gtbank USSD code

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How to register, transfer money, buy airtime, and check your account using the Gtbank USSD code – You may be looking for information on how to activate your Gtbank mobile transfer code, or you may be looking for information on how to transfer money using Gtbank ussd, buy airtime, check account balance, apply for salary advance loan, and many other things… If your answer is yes, you have arrived at the correct page. Customers of Guaranty Trust Bank can perform financial transactions from the convenience of their homes using their smartphones or any other mobile device using the USSD code provided by the Bank. These transactions do not require the use of the internet or data.

These transactions are carried out risk-free and secure using a mobile phone linked to a bank, and it is accessible to subscribers of MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile.

By using mobile banking codes, customers no longer have to go through the hassle of visiting a bank branch and contending with the obstacle of traffic, which is a significant part of a Nigerian city. The limitation of needing access to the internet has also been removed thanks to the utilization of the GTB USSD code.

There are many advantages to using the USSD code, including the following: 

1. It is straightforward, uncomplicated, speedy, and convenient.

2. It is not difficult to pay one’s bills.

3. Make sure to update your PIN.

4. Conduct a Balance Inquiry on your account.

5. Update your BVN.

6. Deactivate any ATM cards that may have been stolen.

7. Activate the text message and email alert features.

8. Service available around the clock, seven days a week

The Gtbank USSD Transfer Code can be used on any phone, in any location, from any site, and anywhere you are moving. Before using the USSD code for any transaction, customers of GTBank would first need to ensure that their phone number is associated with their GTBank account to take advantage of this service.

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Instructions for generating your personal GTBank USSD pin code

To generate a GTBank USSD code, you must develop a peculiar or distinctive four-digit pin. This pin will authenticate mobile transactions and guarantee that they are carried out securely.

Instructions on how to sign up for a GTBank USSD code

Only four simple steps exist to sign up or enroll for a bank account.

Enter *737*11# on your mobile device while using the number registered with the Bank.

Please enter the verification number for your Bank (BVN)

If you know the Account Officer code, enter it here; otherwise, press 1 to proceed.

To finish reactivating your account, you must first purchase at least N100 worth of airtime.

You have greater flexibility with Bank 737 now that your Gtbank account has been activated.

Recharges for Airtime and Data

Funds Transfer

Examine the Specifics of Your Account

Withdrawals from ATMs without using a card

The Payment of Bills (Electricity Bills & StarTimes Subscription)

at all Total Filling Stations, 737 Cashout is Available.

To avoid being a victim, please check that the four-digit PIN you use to authenticate each transaction is secure and safe.

Funds Transfer

 Dial *737*1*Amount*NUBAN Account Number# (for example, *737*1*1000*1234567890#) from the phone number you registered with GTBank, and then follow the on-screen prompts to send money using your GTBank USSD code to another GTBank account.

 Transfer to other Financial Institutions

Dial *737*2*Amount*NUBAN Account Number# (for example, *737*2*1000*1234567890#) from your phone to transfer money from GTBank to another non-GTBank institution. After that, authenticate the transfer using the 737 PIN you created, a hardware token, or the last four digits of your GTBank debit card.

Gtbank’s limit on the number of daily transactions

If you want to transfer an amount between (N)100 and 500,000 using the GTBank USSD code, all you need is the 737 PIN/Hardware Token Only. However, if you want to transfer more than 500,001 to 1,000,000, you’ll need the Hardware Token Only.

Airtime & Data Top-up

To Refill Your Airtime

To purchase airtime for a mobile line linked to Gtbank, all you need to do is dial *737*amount# on your phone, for example, *737*1000#.

To Send Airtime to a Friend

Simply dialing *737*Amount*Recipient’s number# (for example, *737*1000*08023456789#) is all required to send airtime to a third party or a friend.

Note that the phone number from which the purchase is made MUST ALWAYS be a number that has been previously registered with GTBank.

The service can be accessed by Glo, MTN, Airtel, and Etisalat customers in South Africa.

The sum will be taken out of your GTBank account in a direct transaction.

The daily limit for recharges is N10,000.

For One’s Use as well as Third Party Data Top-up

Enter *737*4# into your phone’s keypad, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

Examine the Specifics of Your Account

If you want to check the balance of any of your Gtbank accounts, as well as your BVN or account number, all you have to do is dial the following number on your mobile phone: *737*6*1#, and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Setup a PIN for Transactions.

If you want to complete your 737 transactions using a Gtbank 4-digit PIN, you must follow the steps outlined below.

. Dial *737*5#

Please enter the final six digits of your debit card here.

. Create a PIN consisting of four numbers.

Payment of Bills (Electricity Bills)

You can use gtbank USSD to pay your electric bill by dialing any of the following disco codes, for example, *737*50*7500*95#.

GTBank USSD Code for the Service Disco

1. Prepaid card for Port Harcourt, *737*50*Amount*95#

2. Postpaid address in Port Harcourt: *737*50*Amount*96#

3. Enter the following into your Eko Prepaid card’s keypad: *737*50*Amount*151#

4. Eko Postpaid *737*50*Amount*152# (in parentheses)

5. Ibadan Prepaid *737*50*Amount*137#

6. Type 737*50*Amount*93# into your Kano Prepaid card.

7. Kano Postpaid *737*50*Amount*94# (Indicated Amount)

Borrow Airtime

The 737 Airtime Advance is available to GTBank salary account holders who have been prequalified. Customers can borrow up to N5,000 in airtime and pay it back at the end of the month.

Dial *737*8*1#, follow the on-screen prompts, and authenticate yourself by entering the final four digits of your GTBank Naira MasterCard to request a Gtbank airtime loan.

Loan from Gtbank

You can get an advance of up to fifty percent of your monthly salary if you are a prequalified Gtbank salary account holder. This can help you meet any pressing financial obligations you may have.

Simply dialing *737*8*2# from your bank-registered phone number will get you started applying for a Gtbank salary advance loan.

One Time Password for Gtbank (OTP)

Follow the steps below to generate a Gtbank OTP using *737*7# to make a speedy transaction on the go, even if you do not have your banking token.

. To obtain a one-time token for use exclusively with transactions carried out via GTWorld, Internet Banking, or Mobile Banking App.

. Has the ability to authenticate transactions of up to N500,000

Valid for one minute and one hundred and twenty seconds

To establish the trade, the 737-generated PIN is required.

 FAQ about the Gtbank ussd

If you have any questions about your gtbank, you can contact them as follows: Simply dialing *737*6# will get you information on the following topics:

Account balances, BVN, and Account Numbers can be accessed by dialing (*737*6*1#).

. Loan balances (*737*6*2#)

. Card status (*737*6*3#)

. Current status of the checkbook (*737*6*4#)

Make a Cash Withdrawal without Using Your Debit Card.

Customers of Gtbank can now withdraw cash from an ATM or point-of-sale terminal without using a debit card; all they need to do is follow the steps outlined below.

. There is no need for a GTBank debit card; simply dial *737*3*Amount# and follow the on-screen prompts to generate your withdrawal code and authenticate your request with the 737-generated pin.

To withdraw cash from any GTBank ATM, you will need to enter the generated withdrawal code.

How to Get Your Deactivated GTBank Account Back Online

1. On your mobile device, dial *737*11# using the phone number you have on file with the Bank.

2. Enter the Bank Verification Number that was given to you (BVN)

3. If you know the Account Officer code, enter it here; otherwise, press 1 to proceed.

4. Start a transaction by purchasing airtime worth at least N100 to finish the process of reactivating your account. 

Creating a GTbank Account

It is NOT necessary to fill out account opening forms to sign up for a GtBank account. After registering, look for a ten-digit account number (NUBAN). In addition, you can use your phone number as your account number when you visit any GTBank or GTExpress location.

Dial *737*0# and follow the instructions on the screen to open a Gtbank account using the USSD code. You will immediately receive a text message with your new account number after it has been generated automatically.


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