Is Mega Cloud Storage Safe? Everything You Need to Know 2022


One of the most well-known storage companies out there, MEGA, has grown significantly in popularity among users, given its positive features and use cases. With some negative publicity surrounding it, the company’s first-rate security makes it a favorite among users.

What is Mega Cloud Storage?

MEGA is a safe cloud service with effective sharing tools. Sharing sensitive information is made incredibly easy because it possesses many layers of safety for users’ shared links. Each individual encryption key used to encrypt files submitted to MEGA can be sent separately. However, setting passwords and expiration dates for the links is only available to paying customers.


All MEGA account holders have access to shared folders. By setting the folder’s permissions this way, you can control who can upload files to the shared folder and change any data inside of it.

Is Mega Cloud Storage Safe? Everything You Need to Know 2022
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Particularly regarding file sharing, MEGA’s interface can occasionally be cluttered and has a lot of feature conflicts.

MEGA also provides a wide array of apps, including the typical desktop and mobile apps, live chat, and specific tools for sharing big files.


Any file you upload to MEGA will still have access to older versions, protecting it against unintentional changes saved to the cloud. Files with older versions are identified with a small clock symbol next to them, and version control is enabled by default.

Unfortunately, MEGA’s strong emphasis on privacy and security leaves little room for collaboration features, making a connection with outside apps like Google Docs hard.

With distinct tabs for new and deleted files and also a storage management tab where you can check information about your cloud storage utilization, MEGA’s file management system is rather robust. Additionally, you can preview PDF documents, photos, music, and video files making usage even more seamless.

Mega Cloud Storage Features

MEGA is compatible with practically all devices and maintains a decent balance between features. Using the web interface, you can link it with particular PC folders or files. You are allowed to upload any file size as long as you don’t go over your total quota. The retrieval of earlier versions of documents is another feature supported by MEGA. Some of MEGA’s features are listed below:

  • Safe and Secure File Share
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The MEGA service includes file and folder sharing security. It can send the encryption key separately utilizing a new channel while also including it with the relatively feasible one. It’s a wonderful feature for security-conscious individuals, but maybe not for the majority of people.

  • High-End Encryption for Calls and Messages

MEGA allows you to communicate securely with your contacts. Text messages, phone calls, group messaging, and video calls are all available in the completely encrypted communication system. Using this feature, you can upload files directly to the group, and your contact will see them in their account.

According to MEGA, zero-knowledge encryption prevents anyone outside of the chat from decrypting the content. Your communications are inaccessible to MEGA even.

  • Password Security

An extra security measure also enables you to password-protect your links and set an expiration date for them. MEGA stands apart thanks to all these security measures and end-to-end encryption support since it offers a straightforward way to safeguard your privacy at all times. MEGA includes a built-in secure chat client on all platforms, which is particularly helpful in small organizations to establish secure communication between employees.

  • Top-Notch End-to-End Encryption

MEGA encrypts all of your data with a key obtained from your password. Your information is lost if you lose your password because the platform doesn’t keep it, making it clear that others cannot access your data. MEGA advises employing a password manager and keeping a backup key in a safe location.

All premium and free accounts can use MEGA encryption methods that the user can manage. Viewing the platform’s source code or white papers allows anyone to confirm that MEGA truly provides zero-knowledge encryption.

  • Automatic Phone Backup
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One of the top mobile apps for cloud storage is MEGA cloud storage. The following are some features available in MEGA’s mobile app:

  1. Automatic file uploads
  2. Media player integrated with direct cloud content streaming.
  3. It enables you to save files locally so you can access them when the internet is down.
  4. It has the MEGAchat function for people who are particularly concerned with security.

Is Cloud Storage Really Safe?

Yes, your data is comparatively safer in the cloud than it is on your personal hard disk, and files are also simple to retrieve and keep up with. Nevertheless, cloud services ultimately provide other individuals access to your data. There is nothing to worry about if privacy is not a big deal to you. However, it is usually better to store critical data on a hard drive that is isolated from your home computer if you want to keep it safe from hackers and snoopers.

If you’re prepared to store data on the cloud, we advise using a provider that offers encryption and two-factor authentication like Mega Cloud Storage.


All users have access to US military-grade security through Mega Cloud Storage. MEGA is one of the greatest cloud storage services, offering free encrypted cloud space in addition to other features. MEGA, however, might need some improvement in its customer service to make it even more user-friendly.

MEGA is the most secure cloud storage for both personal and commercial needs thanks to its dedication to privacy and unique features like encrypted communications, addons and plugins, integrations, and widely available storage capacity.

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Q: Is Mega Cloud Storage Safe?

A: One of the most secure cloud services for users is the MEGA Cloud storage. However, you should be aware of a few things about user data. According to MEGA’s privacy policy, the company may provide user information to advertisers, although the user will remain anonymous. This won’t be a problem if you are concerned about your data being disclosed to third-party companies.

Q: How Do I Prepare and Send a File on MEGA Cloud Storage?

A: Drag & Drop is a simple way to upload a file on MEGA. This can also be done by clicking on the file upload button in the web application’s upper right corner. Additionally, the mobile application allows for file uploading.

Q: Is it possible to restart interrupted uploads or downloads?

A: Uploads – You must restart if you have exited the browser tab or the file transfer application. Upload interruptions cannot be resumed unless there is a network issue.

Downloads – Chrome and Edge, and Opera browsers all support resuming downloads. At the time, Firefox fails to meet this requirement.

Q: What to do if your MEGA download has reached its limit?

A: MEGA places a daily download limit on its free users. By using a VPN service to change your IP address, you might get around it. If you want to safeguard your privacy, use a paid VPN service that does not monitor your activities and usage.

The IP address change, however, might not be effective for all users. You can effectively raise your transfer quota on MEGA by switching to premium plans.

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