Arlo Camera System: What it is and its Features


Customers are becoming more interested in smart home technologies as they learn how they may benefit their homes by automating and regulating entertainment, security, and comfort systems. Home security is a major worry today, and smart security cameras are among the most sought-after and purchased gadgets.

Many companies that sell smart security cameras make the same high-quality and dependable claims about their equipment. Sadly, the majority are marketing and advertising goods that fall short of the enthusiasm created by the adverts.


On the plus side, there are a few producers of high-calibre, intriguing security cameras. Arlo is one of those reputable companies that has produced a number of successful, best-selling, and high-quality goods.

Arlo Camera System Costco: What it is and its Features
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Arlo is currently the most successful and inventive security camera manufacturer, and they have made some important strides in the industry.

Arlo and Arlo Pro are two of the most prominent security cameras that Arlo has produced. The first generation security camera is called Arlo, and the most recent model, Arlo Pro, has grabbed everyone’s attention. The entire security camera with the most cutting-edge features is Arlo Pro.


We need to compare the differences between Arlo and Arlo Pro to decide whether upgrading or getting the most recent model is worthwhile. To achieve this, we’ll assess, contrast, and rank the most crucial features of each security camera.

Arlo Pros and Cons

First off, these two security cameras are of the highest calibre. There are a lot of happy customers and reviews for Arlo and Arlo Pro. Rarely have I seen an Arlo owner who is unhappy with their purchase.

Great features are offered by these two models. However, there are some notable variations. Arlo Pro offers comfort and distinctive features. A substantial price difference is also seen.

The market’s most intelligent DIY cameras, Arlo and Arlo Pro, stand out from the competition. Let’s see how this two stack up in some other crucial areas.

Which Arlo Camera System Is The Best?

Arlo Features Review

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Installing Arlo and Arlo Pro is simple. It’s a very basic method that doesn’t require any special expertise. Even a novice user can accomplish it because of how simple it is.

I’ll describe how to turn on an Arlo security camera if you’ve never owned one before. Since it would be a waste of your time, I won’t provide a step-by-step manual. Instead, I’ll share a wonderful movie that Arlo Smart Home has released. It provides clear instructions for setting up and installing security cameras.

Simply put, the procedure is simple and only needs a few minutes to finish.

Refer to the user’s manual for further instructions if you become stuck at any point throughout the installation procedure. Additionally, you can contact Arlo’s support staff, who would be happy to help with anything you deem important.


The performances of Arlo and Arlo Pro are another intriguing subject we need to talk about. We must ascertain how these two security cameras fare compared to other products on the market.

Look for alternatives if the original Arlo and Arlo Pro don’t satisfy the buyer’s basic needs.

  • Arlo Performance

For it to work, the Arlo security camera from the first generation needs batteries. The batteries in the first-generation Arlo are not rechargeable. In contrast to the Pro version. Therefore you will need to buy new ones whenever a battery dies.

The original Arlo records videos in 720p HD resolution and stores them like the Pro version. Arlo has a unique advantage over its rivals in the security camera market: FREE cloud storage.

Arlo is a security camera that can resist very challenging weather conditions. Even so, there were a few issues when we set up the Arlo cameras in the subzero temperatures. It appeared that the chilly temperature was causing the battery percentage to fluctuate often in terms of life.

  • Arlo Pro Performance
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The recording mode isn’t constantly active on Arlo Pro. Arlo Pro won’t record the activity in its range of vision unless you ask for a live stream or any motion is noticed.

You should expect a brief delay (no more than 1-2 seconds) when you request a live broadcast. When you press the Live button, the system takes seconds to respond before the live feed is visible. The first-generation Arlo has a comparable problem, but the lag might last longer.

Arlo Pro has amazing video and audio quality. Due to the low-power wireless network cannot record in 1080p, but 720p is as sharp as it can be.

You would assume that the fact that Arlo Pro doesn’t record in 1080p is bad, but if you give it some more thought, it really means that Arlo Pro uses less cloud storage than other security cameras.


It is essential to buy functional smart home devices that are both efficient and aesthetically pleasing in today’s society. Today, every customer wants to buy smart devices that will upgrade the aesthetics and usefulness of their homes (for example, making your house look more smart and modern).

Therefore, it’s essential that our Arlo security cameras appear good because if they don’t, no one will buy them. We can presume that the present design is successful because Arlo and Arlo Pro seem nearly identical. You can see for yourself how stylish the Arlo appears in the image I’ve posted below.

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Final Thoughts

Arlo Pro and Arlo from the first generation are two of the most popular and liked security cameras available. Thousands of people now possess these two models, and more than 95% of customers are satisfied with their purchases. The Arlo and Arlo Pro security cameras are among the top-rated and best-selling models on Amazon.

If you intend to buy one of these two products or already own the original Arlo, you ought to upgrade to the most recent model. The Pro version provides extra comfort, security, and flexibility.

With its cutting-edge features and capabilities, Arlo Pro is one of the most sophisticated security cameras on the market and will live up to customers’ high expectations.

In conclusion, Arlo Pro is the greatest product you will find if you’re seeking a top-notch security camera to secure your home inside and out.


Q: How long do Arlo systems last?

A: Although the original Arlo Wire-Free advertises a battery life of up to six months, many users have discovered that their cameras only last about three to four months on a single charge. The four provided CR123 batteries cannot be recharged; thus, once the extra set is depleted, you will need to buy new ones.

Q: Can I still use Arlo without a subscription?

A: Without a monthly subscription payment, Arlo cameras operate effectively on their own.

Q: Are Arlo cameras worth it?

A: Arlo cameras are among the most popular security camera suggestions because they aren’t the priciest models available and have excellent motion detection capabilities. The major drawback is that some of the best features of Arlo cameras can only be accessed with a premium subscription.

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